Needles with reduced tips

One of our special strengths is the production of complex high-tech cannulas with reduced tips.

Application examples

  • Sample & reagent needles for precise pipetting of smallest liquid volumes in diagnostic devices
  • Sample needles for chromatography devices
  • Aspiration needles in ophthalmology
  • Industrial applications


Machine cold forming - called hammering or rotary swaging - can be used to reduce both the inner and outer diameter of the cannula. Thanks to sophisticated tooling technology and specific know-how, we produce a very high quality of the inner and outer surface in the reduced cylindrical and conical part.

Using different grinding processes (e.g. centerless grinding), cannulas with a continuous inner diameter and a reduced outer diameter can be manufactured.

The tip of the cannula can also be optionally provided with a face or bevel grinding as well as the finest edge grinding.

Optional surface treatments

In order to reduce carry-over to a minimum, the cannulas can also be provided with various coatings on the inside and outside. Furthermore, the surfaces of the cannulas can be improved by electropolishing and passivation.