Nanosol Needles and Coatings

Nanosol AG specializes in the production of high-quality hollow needles and cannulas made of stainless steel according to our customers’ specifications.

Our core competences are in the field of fluidics. As one of the few manufacturers we are able to manufacture needles as well as the coating under one roof.

We manufacture from small quantities for samples or prototypes to large annual quantities.

On request, we can apply wet chemical coatings and/or hard material coatings to components. Further information about our surface coatings.

Our processing possibilities include electropolishing, passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, bending and swaging. More information about our services and technologies / manufacturing capabilities.

The manufactured components are cleaned in multi-stage, wet, ultrasonic-assisted processes, passivated inside if necessary and then subjected to a careful final inspection.

Our components are mainly used in the fields of analytics (e.g. chromatography devices), medical technology (e.g. laboratory diagnostics), medicine (e.g. ophthalmology) and industry.

We will be happy to develop new areas of application together with you. Challenge us.