Needles for cup-piercing

Nanosol AG manufactures special needles for sampling with closed sample containers.

Cup piercing

Hollow needles made of stainless steel used for analytical and diagnostic purposes must pierce container closures made of rubber, plastic or aluminum when taking samples and reagents (cup piercing). Piercing the septum causes friction that must be overcome.

Tip geometries

  • Tip with side hole: facilitate piercing and prevent penetration of particles into the cannula
  • Facet cuts: facilitate the penetration of the closures
  • Venting slots: can be added to avoid negative pressure in the tank

Optional surface treatments

In order to reduce carry-over, an additional coating can be applied to the needle, e.g. an inner coating with fluoropolymer. To reduce friction and form a diffusion barrier, the tip of the outer surface can be coated with a hard material coating. Furthermore, the surfaces of the cannulas can be improved by electropolishing and passivation.

  • Cup Piercing CLC
  • Cup Piercing, komplette Nadel
  • Cup Piercing Spitze