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Chromatography is a chemical process that separates a mixture of substances into its individual components.

Our components are used in state-of-the-art liquid, gas and ion chromatography equipment.

The following components are typical for use in chromatography equipment:


Our components are used, for example, in diagnostic laboratory equipment for pipetting and conveying liquids or samples.

The following components are used in state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory equipment:

  • Beschichtete Pipettiernadeln in Liquid Handling System. Aufnahme: Qiagen Instruments
    Coated pipetting needle in a liquid handling system. Picture: Qiagen Instruments


Our cannulas are also used in ophthalmology.

We also manufacture aspiration needles for use in cataract surgery.



Various components are used in various industrial applications such as lubrication systems, heating systems and the chemical industry.

We supply the following components for industry: