Nanosol Produkte


Starting from cylindrical tubes made of stainless steel, Nanosol produces high-quality, thin-walled hollow needles and capillaries in various lengths, shapes and designs in customized machining processes.

We process tubes with the following specifications:

  • Outer Ø: from Ø0.1 to Ø15 mm
  • Inner Ø: from Ø0.05 mm
  • Wall thickness: thin-walled up to 0.015 mm possible
  • Surface roughness: up to Ra < 0.10 μm possible
  • Lengths: typically 10 to 1000 mm, shorter and longer sections are also possible
  • Tube ends: deburred, rounded, chamfered, with oblique cut, special cuts, sealed
  • Materials: wide range of stainless steels, titanium, MP35N etc.