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Nanosol was founded in 1995. Worldwide Nanosol was the first company in coating inside and outside surfaces of steel capillaries with hydro-and oleophobic nanocomposite sol-gel-films. Since then Nanosol applies these coatings successfully on various components particularly for medical diagnostics.

Core competence
The core competence of Nanosol-Coating is the wet chemical surface coating with new innovative materials and technologies. Nanosol modifies and develops coatings according customer specification. Generally, Nanosol-Coating uses materials for sol-gel-process and wet chemical nanotechnology. But also fluorpolymeric nano composite and other commercially available wet lacquers are applied. In special cases also PVD hard material coatings are offered.

Nanosol’s customers are manufacturer of apparatus, components or tools of different domains like diagnostic, chem. analysis, medical technology, textile, paper, food and packaging industry. Nanosols know-how is helpful in the elaboration of product ideas – specifications and coatings.

Our Services
You are confronted with surface problems and wish to overcome them by coating - then we are the right partner!
Our way to resolve these problems:
Extensive advisory service concerning surface treatments
Common elaboration of technical requirements
Customer oriented preparation and modification or development of coating system
wage coating of single parts and in quantities according requirement

Nanosol - Production, Coating and Sales of high quality Cannulas and Needles