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Electro Polishing

Electro polishing is an electro chemical erosive process with external power source. Because of the high potential on the surface irregularity apexes of the work piece preferred erosion starts producing smooth surface. Erosion occurs free of load for the work piece.

Electro PolishingApplication
Decrease of surface roughness and edge rounding. Improvement
of corrosion restistance.

Electropolishing can only be performed at the outside surfaces of the cannulas.

The maximum size of the parts to be treated is limited to
500 x 500 mm.


Topography Morphology Mechan. Stress
+ Modification of the molecular topology by load-less material abrasion + Removal of defected surface layers by erosion until perfect austenite surface + Reduction of surface stress to the specific value of austenite 
+ Reduction of surface roughness by micro smoothing + Formation of a chromium oxide rich passivation layer   
+ Improvement in gloss    

Topography and Morphology of functional stainless steel surfaces, expert verlag, Kontakt & Studium, Vol 691 (2008), Page 111, Picture 125

Properties of Electro Polished Surfaces
Smooth and glossy surface
Pure metallic
Highly corrosion resistant
Easy to clean
Excellent sold- and weldability
Burried in micro range

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