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Hammering / Rotary Swaging

Rotational symmetric tube reduction occurs by forming under compression in the rotary swaging process. The cold tube, first soft annealed under protective atmosphere, is placed into the rotary swaging machine. The use of mandrels in the hammering process produces precise and smoothly inner surfaces in the diameter reduced tubes. Nanosol manufactures with forward feed swaging inner diameters of 0.1 mm starting with tubes from 8 mm in diameter downward. The reduction in diameter can be made with narrow tolerances and the smoothing of the inner surfaces is excellent. The whole process is computer and SPS controlled.

Swaging causes also work hardening of the steel uniformly over the whole cross section. Nanosol’s experience in swaging enable the production of excellent inner surfaces in the cylindrical as well as in the conical part of the tube.

Hammering / Rotary Swaging

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