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Connection Techniques

Connection of turned part with hollow needle

Laser weldingLaser welding
Laser welding is a fusion welding process normally requiring no
Laser welding produces a homogeneous microstructure.
Laser welded connections can mechanically be higher stressed
than soldered joints.
High requirements such as gastight welding can be performed
at suitable construction of the work piece.

Soft Soldering and BrazingSoft Soldering and Brazing
Brazing with silver alloy will be performed under protective gas
to avoid oxidation. It will be employed particularly when the
connection must be obtained in difficulty structured areas.
Soft soldering is used mainly for electrical connections.

For bonding a wide range of different adhesive materials is available.

Press CompactionPress Compaction

Press compaction enable the propagation of forces and turning
moments without any connecting elements.





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