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Complex Shaped in Diameter Reduced Tubes

Nanosols power is the fabrication of complex, high-tech hollow needles with in diameter reduced tip. By cold forming operations, called rotary swaging, the inner and outer diameter of a tube will be reduced.
Optimized tool technology and specific know how enable Nanosol to fabricate hollow needles of extraordinary high quality of the inner and outer surfaces in the cylindrical as well as in the conical part of the needle.

The tip of the hollow needle can be produced with planar or angular polished cut. After electro polishing and passivation the needles will be cleaned in different wet-steps part of them supported by ultrasonic action. Coating the inner and outer surfaces of the hollow needle will be performed by our special hydro-and oleophobic nano composite sol-gel lacquers. The coating drastically reduces unwanted carry over effects and forms a barrier against diffusion of metal ions from the steel.

Complex Shaped in Diameter Reduced Tubes

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