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Nature protects plants against contamination by special surface structures and wax like chemical overcoats. Nanosol protects your high-tech components with new and innovative sol-gel-nanocomposite coatings.

What are Sol-Gel-Nanocomposites
coatingsThese compounds are hybrid materials with an inorganic,
generally silica based, matrix containing chemically linked
organic chains which can also be fully or partially fluorinated
producing hydrophoby of the system.

The combination of ceramic-glass-like structures with various
organic molecules generates materials with special properties.
The new composite material posses properties typical for
ceramic, like hardness and abrasion resistance, but also those
of modified organic molecules, like oleophoby, elasto-plasticity
or biological activity. Such film materials, produced by
sol-gel-technique, enable deposition of coatings with
specifically designed properties on different substrate materials.

The wet-chemical coating process permits to coat inside and outside surfaces of tubes and capillaries, but also of other parts with different shape and complex geometry. Coating occurs by dip or spray processes.

After drying the coating, treatment at elevated temperature starts polycondensation. The temperature is adapted to the used lacquer composition.

Such coatings change the chemical and physical surface properties in desired directions. In most cases the desired functionality should be stable for longer times, requiring strong adherence of the coating on the treated surface. Chemical bonds e.g. oxygen bridges or other active groups are of advantage.

Schematic of Hydrolysis and Polycondensation of organically modified Silicon-Alkoxides.

Schema der Hydrolyse und Polykondensation von organisch modifizierten Silizium-Alkoxiden

After drying, temperature treatment for polycondensation will be started according to the applied type of lacquer and chosen substrate material.
The coating changes the physical and chemical properties of surfaces in desired manner. In most cases stable coatings durable in function are desired requiring excellent adherence to the substrate. Chemical bonding via oxygen bridges or other chemical active groups is of advantage.

Nanosol is specialized in coating high-tech components with small to smallest dimensions. The typical range is from a few millimeters up to 800x800 mm.


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