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Coating of Hallow Needels

Nanosol’s core competence is coating inside and outside surfaces of capillaries and hollow needles. Modern wide-spanned atomized medical diagnostic uses metallic hollow needles for pick-up of samples and reagents in the analysis.
The hollow needles are made of high quality stainless steel carefully polished inside and outside. The stainless steel surfaces, however, in hydrophilic i.e. hydrous liquids adhere very well on such surfaces. Although cleaning is performed between the different runs unwanted and dangerous carry over effects may negatively influence the analytical findings.

This danger, however, is eliminated by Nanosol’s hydrophobic and surface smoothing, rather stable, special sol-gel-nanocomposite coatings.

Coating of the pre-cleaned hollow needles is done by a semi-automatic dip coat apparatus. The nanocomposite sol-gel lacquers have viscosities resulting in thicknesses of the dried film between 1 and 8 μm according requirements.

Mechanical Surface Treatment
In addition to coatings Nanosol offers also mechanical surface treatments:
Electro polishing
Abrasive blast (corundum, glass)
Ultrasonic cleaning

Furthermore also mechanical operations like separation, turning, face grinding and hammering will be performed in our mechanical workshop. (see Nanosol Mechanics)

Tubes and canulas of glass, stainless steel and polymeric materials with inside diameter of 0.1 mm can be coated up to length of 500 mm.

Coating of Hollow Needles

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