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Hard Material Coatings

In analytical and diagnostic processes hollow needles of steel have sometimes to penetrate sealing caps of reagent containers made of caoutchouc polymeric materials or aluminum (cup piercing).
During cutting a septum e.g. of rubber the occurring friction resistance has to be overcome. The friction forces acting on the needle are unfortunately also transferred to the robotic arm of the system.

Coating of the outer surface of the needles with gold colored TiN hard material Hv=2300, showing a low friction coefficient of μr=0.4 against steel, improves the behaviour in cup piercing. The film is hydrophobic with contact angle larger 75°. The chemical behaviour is similar to gold and it forms a diffusion barrier for various ions.

Other suitable hard material coatings are TiAIN and diamond like carbon DLC. All hard coatings are made with plasma PVD technologies under vacuum. See data sheet: coatings on hollow needles and small tubes.

Hard Material Coatings


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